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Amish Farmer Faces $250K Fine, Jail Time and Losing His Sustainable Farm for Processing His Own Meat

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  1. Martha Boshart says:

    God bless Amos Miller and his God-inspired farming operation. “We must obey God rather than people.“ (Acts 5:29) Stay strong, Amos.

  2. jorgen says:

    “if they want to create a food shortage, we can’t blame God”

    We can blame God for not striking them dead, and blame every Christian who doesn’t pray for God to strike them dead. Bring imprecatory prayer back and pray to the Lord that he smite all globalists.

  3. Laura says:

    America has been defeated and conquered by globalists (WEF) their major corporations and the UN agenda 2030. Everything is broken, politicians are incompetent and compromised and voting is useless since they are all pushing for no borders anywhere, world gov and agenda 2030. We must fight back and resist in our communities before we are totally enslaved.

  4. Janet says:

    I’m no expert, but aren’t your constitutional rights being violated in this case? I would recommend talking to a Constitutional Lawyer, not a lawyer of the Bar Association, but a lawyer who has studied Constutional Law. I think you do have a case and can sue the fed gov for their overreach. We have to do this, to protect our God-given rights and the Constitution.

  5. Leslie says:

    Has anyone set up a GiveSendGo account for Amos?? Please do this. We will be praying for him and the safety and integrity of all organic farms across this nation. ✝️ This type of governmental bullying cannot be tolerated!!

  6. James Eugene Graves says:

    This illegal actions by a crooked judge (administrator). We are back under common law, so this administrator calling himself a judge has no authority or jurisdiction what so ever. These bought and paid for administrators need to be arrested and locked up until this is settled in the favor of Mr. Miller.

  7. birnie says:

    That is why God said you will not add or subtract from my Law. Why? because of over regulation in favour of the monopoly mafia and pharisees. I am no Amish but they blaze a trail of light in this lost world of ours. God speed.

  8. John Douglas says:

    I wonder if Amos volunteers to be a U.S. Citizen?
    Our natural status is to be an inhabitant of one of the several states. He should be a Pennsylvanian. A National and not a US Citizen.

  9. Lydia says:

    Yes, God bless Amos, indeed. FJB and the entire alphabet soup.

  10. Richard Morgan says:

    As a Nzr’s we are used to this type of living, in certain circles. It is sad it has come to this for you and our blessings are with you, I hope you can keep on going. You are one of the true good people in this shambles they now call society.

  11. David Little says:

    Government overreach is a growing problem in every aspect of American life–even if you’re Amish! Please consider reaching out to this community for legal counsel and possible courses of action. They are on the front lines of helping Americans fight for their rights:

  12. Patsy Cushing says:

    How can Amos’s customers help? There is no better food anywhere.

  13. Ed Marsh says:

    Interesting, informative, and disturbing article. Shame on the federal government. Bless Amos and good luck! 👍🍀

  14. Aoelila says:

    How can we support Amos?
    Who do we call…which attorney?
    Does he have a PMA (private membership association)?
    I want to help him & friends of mine do too!

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