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Girl Living Off Grid Built The World Most Secret Underground Home with Fireplace

This project is ingenious. The earth quality (wherever she lives) helps though. It’s ‘attack-able’ with her tools yet can be ‘worked’ fairly easily. Where I live, you’d hit hard, unforgiving chalk fairly quickly! The timber she used seems a very soft softwood… even traditional softwoods warrant a strong saw. Don’t wish to appear to be belittling her efforts… She’s using what’s available to her advantage and she’s one amazing craftswoman, carpenter, designer & builder.

Wow, she’s more an artist than a survivalist. Such an extraordinary aesthetic. I could see her doing art installations all over the world while crowds watch. Much like we’re all doing here 🙂

I admired her ability to create this using only natural materials. I did wonder about a few things like a door, refrigeration for food, ventilation from smoke, and possible flooding. I’m sure she’s clever enough to handle these things, though. Good job.

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