Man shares video of his 12-year-old terrarium and earns over 23 million views

I never thought all the beauty life holds could be summed up and demonstrated in a jar but that’s exactly what this video does.

Gardening has become a more popular hobby and therapy tool over the last few years.

Lots of people had to stay home and transformed their backyard into wonderful gardens to help them cope.

Gardening was highly recommended to people to help them cope with the uncertainty of the times.

It’s just good therapy.

But what about the people who lived in buildings or in houses and spaces that literally had no place for a garden?

Or what about those who don’t have a green thumb? Or what about those who want to take care of plants but have little time or patience to take care of them?

Can they do it, too? Yes, they can.

They can create a terrarium.

Source: YouTube – Jartopia

A terra-huh?

A terrarium is a mini-garden, a tiny greenhouse, or a closed eco-system, all housed in a transparent glass container.

They are the perfect garden or plant for those who have little or no space available in their homes, or who want a low-maintenance plant in their home because they tend to get too busy.

Source: YouTube – Jartopia

They’re so easy to make.

You can practically use any glass container to make a terrarium. You can use old mason jars, glass carafes, or any glass jar you have.

You can also buy a glass container that’s designed for a terrarium. Your choice.

You can get creative and add whatever plant you like. You can add pebbles or rocks of different shapes and colors.

You can even add shells or small garden figurines if you prefer.

YouTube – Jartopia

You can have it open or closed.

But keep in mind that when you create an open terrarium, you need to add plants that don’t need a lot of moisture.

If you’re unsure which plants are best to use, visit your local garden center. They will recommend the right plants for you.

Make sure that your terrarium gets filtered light, either by the window covered by shade or artificial house light.

Don’t place them under direct sunlight or it will fry the plants inside.

It doesn’t matter if you have a lot of experience with plants or are a total newbie.

You can make a terrarium.

In this video, this terrarium is already 12 years old and made by his brother when he was still a kid. Like we said anyone can make a terrarium.

They used hairy bittercress plants at the start. They also used algae, which they layered between the glass and clay soil.

The algae have proved beneficial as the food source for the many organisms found in this terrarium.

There are springtails, isopods, brown centipedes, nematodes, and earthworms. These organisms are already present in the soil used for the mini-garden.

And these organisms and other ones like snails and spiders can be added eventually.

A perfectly balanced ecosystem.

The organisms eat the plants to prevent these species from growing too much.

And other organisms target the other organisms so they won’t eat every plant in the garden to extinction.

YouTube – Jartopia

Want to make your own?

All you need are a glass container/jar, gravel/crushed stones, garden soil or activated charcoal, terrarium plants, sterile potting mix, sheet moss, rocks, pebbles or other decorating elements you want to use.

And you’ll also need a trowel, small garden scissors, and a spray bottle.

Get all the inspiration you need in the video below!

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