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Self-Built Free Energy Motor Using Magnetic Cancellation

This is only a prototype of a free energy magnet motor for testing. The idea here is to have the interaction between the permanent magnets on the rotor and a single permanent magnet on the stator to provide rotation of the rotor for about 300° of the rotation and then at the right timing.

To use a pulse from a battery through a coil with reverse polarity to momentarily cancel out the magnetism from the single permanent magnet on the stator the magnetic lines of the permanent magnet will be compressed momentarily until the rotor passes the sticky point and then will be released to continue providing rotation of the rotor.

This free energy motor is using a magnetic V-Gate with an all north polarity configuration. The stator has a single very powerful neodymium permanent magnet. If the permanent magnet on the stator is reversed, the motor can run in attraction or repulsion mode, clockwise or counterclockwise depending on the polarity of the permanent magnet on the stator.

This video was made to motivate people to keep testing these kind of free energy motors to see whether more energy can be pulled out of it then what it takes to pulsate the single electromagnet. The coil also provides a collapsing field energy that can be put back in the battery to keep the battery charged. Also, a small generator can be connected to the shaft of the rotor to generate electricity to keep the battery charged.

Video project by Daniel’s Inventions:

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