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The Swedish Torch: How To Make A One Log Campfire That Burns All Night Long

One can find the Swedish torch quite beneficial, especially when running low on logs or when one wants to make them last longer.

Making a Swedish torch is a lot simpler than it might look. It was first used and probably invented, by the Swedish army. They came up with the idea during the Thirty Years’ War, when they needed a campfire that required just a single log and was possible to be made in whatever circumstances, no matter the wet grass or the snowy ground. One another advantage is that it’s an easy way to cook food while camping!

What are the benefits of the Swedish Fire Log?

First, you use the wood in a very efficient way. That is so because the Swedish Fire Log makes a directional flame that burns from the inside out. Second, if you place the end of the log face down, it provides a flat surface on the top, which is quite suitable for cooking.

Unlike the traditional campfire which is hard to control, the Swedish Fire Log concentrates the burn of the fire. Thus, it makes it possible for you to cook over a focused flame within 20 minutes. Then, it’s really cool because it keeps the fire off of the ground, therefore vaporizing water moisture from putting it out. And last, but not least, it is totally self-sufficient, if you light it properly.

That is so, because as embers burn at the top, they fall down into the log, thus burning it from the top down. You can notice that the air is constantly drawn in, and that’s made possible by the slits on the side.

How to make a Swedish Torch Fire

There are a few steps you need to follow in order to be successful in making a Swedish Torch Fire. First, you need to find a log that is really wide and able to balance itself, and it needs to be flat on the top and the bottom too.

Then, you can use whatever tool you think is suitable for making some cuts into the log. Two or three cuts across the top are enough, and most of the way down. Just make sure to stop before the bottom. The cuts don’t have to be even or perfect. Just do your best. After that, you are ready to light it. To start a fire on top with kindling and watch the magnificent way the airflow from underneath allows the fire to catch the log.

Now, since the fire is near the top, as the log burns, coals will fall to the bottom and as it burns, the lower parts will do the same slowly. Therefore, you will have a long-lasting fire.

It’s really amazing and it’s definitely worth a shot!

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