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These Foldable Tiny Homes Are So Popular That There Is A 100,000 Unit Plus Waitlist

Tiny homes have become increasingly popular and as the prices of them keep falling – the purchase orders keep rising!

Yahoo News reported that Boxabl is one of the most popular tiny home manufacturers and with 47,000 customers waiting in line for over 100,000 units!

Why are so many waiting in line to get their hands on one of these super cool tiny homes? Well, it’s their foldable design!

That’s right, they are foldable.

The entire tiny home is built, folded up, packed, and shipped to the customer. Once the home arrives, it is unfolded and set up in less than one day! How freaking cool is that?

A Boxabl Casita home starts off at $49,500. It comes as a 19.5-foot by 19.5-foot home made with concrete panels and steel. Once it is folded down, it can be shipped using a pick-up truck.

The tiny homes come equipped with everything a larger home has:

A full-size kitchen including a refrigerator, double sink with a window, an oven, dishwasher, microwave, and Shaker-style cabinets. A bathroom with a deep shower/tub, a vessel sink, a large countertop, a backlit mirror, and a sliding glass barn door.

And a total living space of 375 square feet with 9-foot-6-inch ceilings, 8-foot doors and windows, composite flooring, a washer/dryer unit, an HVAC system, and more. There is also insulation technology and LED lighting for high efficiency.

The company has grown so much, that they have moved into a massive 170,000-square-foot factory and have plans to bust out a new home every 90-minutes in 2022! In addition, the company has a $10-million contract with the government to provide government-paid housing.

All in all, it’s a genius idea and a super cool little house!

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