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This Guy Took a Selfie For Every Mile He Hiked — You Won’t Believe How Much He Transformed in 2,660 Miles

You’re about to be inspired to up your hiking game: this guy completely conquered a 2,660-mile hike, and he managed to document the entire experience by taking a selfie at every single mile marker.

Creative director and brand strategist Andy Davidhazy hiked 2,660 miles along the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada, and he captured the transformative experience in this video that shows every selfie he took in a four-minute time lapse. Davidhazy said he lost 50 pounds on the hike, and it took him five and a half months, over four million steps, and plenty of adversities including five black bears and five pairs of shoes.

The video is meant to raise awareness for a short film set to be released this Summer, Lost or Found: Life After Hiking 2,660 Miles From Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail, which tells the story of how “a man discovers that life after a life-changing experience isn’t the change he planned for.”

It’s pretty cool to see not only the changes in nature as Davidhazy’s hike progresses, but also the personal transformation he goes through — he looks totally different (and more fit) by selfie number 2,660. This gives us some serious inspiration to explore new hiking trails, or at the very least start doing new outdoor exercises as warmer weather finally approaches.

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