Woman Turns Old Railway Carriage Into Beautiful Off-Grid Tiny Home


I’ve seen tiny homes made from school buses and sea cans, but I can safely say that this is the first time I’ve ever seen a tiny home made from an old railway carriage. Mandy and her ex-husband completed an 8-year restoration of two old railway carriages which are situated in the Central Otago region in the South Island of New Zealand. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a beautiful restoration – let’s take a look!

Having completed many restorations on boats and yachts, Mandy and her ex-husband were ready for the immense challenge of restoring these two old railway carriages.

Walking into the first railway carriage, you’ll find the cozy living room complete with a wood-burning fireplace. The fireplace is the main heating source, and is a complete necessity for the cold winters out here. Mandy and her ex-husband restored the tin ceiling and sanded all of the paint off the original wood paneling.

Right next to the living room is the small yet functional kitchen.

source: YouTube/Living Big In A Tiny House

Check out that incredible tin ceiling!

source: YouTube/Living Big In A Tiny House

Mandy’s bedroom has windows on both sides to let in an abundance of natural light. There is also an en-suite bathroom with a shower and sink. There is no toilet inside, but an outhouse right next to the carriages.

source: YouTube/Living Big In A Tiny House

The second railway carriage is home to “the library,” an additional living room and sitting area painted in this wonderful sage color.

This carriage also features a built-in bed with storage, which Mandy uses as a guest room when she has company over.

I don’t know what’s more beautiful: the outside of the railway carriages, the charming and character-filled interior, or the striking views of the surrounding mountains and countryside.

For a full tour of Mandy’s amazing railway carriage restoration, check out the video below:

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